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1st Detla Force Tourney
pK| IamGoDDy 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th Aug 2014
Hi Guys,
We are holding a tournament for DELTA FORCE BLACK HAWK DOWN TEAM SABRE and now I am posting NEWS FOR it This tournament will start from Monday 1st of September 2014.
*Registrations will only be accepted here till Wednesday 27th of August 2014.
*The number of accepted registrations will depend upon the registered members.
*Any player will type their GameRanger Nickname and I.D their name in the link ( http://clanssg.ihostinghq ... .com/board/162390 ).
*Once a player has submitted his registrations and he cannot take it back and change it.
*The Tournament will be knock out and will start from round of 16 ( 16 teams ).
*Maps used in tournament will be briefed on 29th Aug 2014 in the link ( http://clanssg.ihostinghq ... .com/board/162141 ).
*Match timings will be briefed two days before tournament in the link ( http://clanssg.ihostinghq ... .com/board/162142 ).
*Match timings will be strictly followed and any er missing will be teams responsibility.
*Matches will be drawn by lucky draw personally done by me.
*Teams will be also made by Lucky drawn personally done by me.
*Matches will be Random
*You can Find your Match & Opponent in the link ( http://clanssg.ihostinghq ... .com/board/162144 ).
*Hacking is strictly forbidden.
*Any types of Bombs & CQB is not allowed.
*Maps will be fully tested and Glitch proof but if any found it is not to be used.
*All match results will be posted in the link ( http://clanssg.ihostinghq ... .com/board/162147 ).
*There is no clans restrictions.
*Clan tags are not to be used in tournament.
*Host of match will be given to the player with best ping.
*Host will be selected with the voting of all players in match.
*Match results will have to posted immediately after match.
*No rematches will be held.
*Any player found guilty of Hacking will get his team disqualified from tournament and eventually letting the other team in the next round
*The disqualification New will be posted in the link ( http://clanssg.ihostinghq ... .com/board/162143 ).
*Qualifying Round will be 10 mins and its Bo1 (Best Of 1).
*Quarter-finals matches will be 15 mins in time and its Bo1 (Best Of 1).
*Semi-Finals will be of 10 mins in time for each match and it will be Bo1 (Best Of 1).
*The Finals will be of 10 mins each match and it will be Bo3 (Best Of 3).
*All briefings will be briefed in TOurnament Briefings in Tournament Discussions section in Our Forums
*We Hope for you full corporation and if any important thing missed can be advised in the Tournament Discussion in Our Forums.
*Any Problem or Issue is to be discussed in the link ( http://clanssg.ihostinghq ... .com/board/162138).
*Contact {|S.S.G|} WaRRioR on GameRanger for any more discussion.

20th Aug 2014 pK| CeReBeRuS
Go to Our Forums and then U will se Tournament Discussion go there and you will see Tournament Registration Type your name there
20th Aug 2014 Hydra
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